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Salty Smash Ultimate mod completely removes all traces of Fire Emblem

Published: 25/Apr/2021 19:39

by Michael Gwilliam


Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans, sick and tired of all the Fire Emblem content packed into the game, can finally be rid of the RPG franchise once and for all with a new mod.

Mods in Smash Ultimate come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. While the most common form of mod is for fighter skins, allowing for the likes of Goku and even Twitch streamer Ninja to join the battle, some take things in radically different directions.

The appropriately named “No More Fire Emblem” mod does exactly what its name entails — by completely removing all aspects of Nintendo’s RPG franchise from the fighting game.


Created by modder Akrenix, this silly game-changing edit deletes all Fire Emblem fighters and stages, which, amusingly, drastically decreases the amount of playable characters.

Smash without Fire Emblem
Smash Ultimate is a bit empty without Fire Emblem fighters.

“So people have been getting tired of Fire Emblem, huh? Well if that’s you, this mod is just right for you!” the mod’s description reads.

Since Marth and Roy showed up in Melee, the Fire Emblem representation in Smash has been growing with each new entry in the fighting game series.

Now, with Ultimate, the base game features a whopping seven Fire Emblem fighters while the DLC Byleth expanded that number to eight.

No Fire Emblem stages in Smash
It’s not like Fire Emblem had any legal stages anyway.

For many fans, there is simply too much Fire Emblem in Smash. For instance, The Legend of Zelda only has six playable fighters despite being Nintendo’s second biggest franchise after Super Mario.


Byleth’s DLC reveal was actually the most disliked on YouTube when the fighter was first announced, proving just how tired some fans are of the series.

Other fans, however, aren’t taking too kindly to this mod. “That’s so petty,” one commented in a post on Reddit.

Byleth in Smash Ultimate
Byleth was the most disliked Smash reveal yet.

“That level of salt would be almost fitting for Philly sports fans!” another joked.

This all said, it does seem like the mod was made to just poke a bit of fun at the fandom’s community with some meta humor. Removing all traces of Fire Emblem, while funny, just decreases the game’s roster size.


Still, for anyone who views Fire Emblem as their own personal kryptonite, this might end up actually being the mod for you.