Insiders leak Nintendo’s Smash Ultimate & Zelda plans for E3

Zelda at e3 2021Nintendo/E3

As E3 fast approaches, a couple of Nintendo insiders have leaked information about what the company will be showing in June as it pertains to Super Smash Bros Ultimate and The Legend of Zelda.

With E3 returning in June, there is a lot of speculation about what Nintendo has in store for fans, especially with The Legend of Zelda celebrating its 35th anniversary and two Smash Ultimate DLC characters remaining in Fighters Pass Volume 2.

Now, a well-established leaker in the form of Samus Hunter has revealed that the company has a special Nintendo Direct planned for the event.

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In addition to the Direct, however, it seems that Nintendo will be hosting a couple of tournaments in the form of a Splatoon 3 invitational and Smash Ultimate Online Open.

“I heard that they are trying to organize some tournaments, one of Smash and one to publicize Splatoon 3, in a couple of weeks we will find out if the project will succeed,” the leaker wrote. “Obviously the Treehouse events and the Direct are certain…”

In the photo provided, the leaker also included a reference to Zelda’s 35th anniversary and added a cryptic line to conclude the series of posts.

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“But I have to say something extra… The train will make at least one more stop before reaching the end,” they hinted.

It’s unclear what this reference to a train is referring to, but on the topic of Smash, it could be related to the theory that there is a secret additional DLC coming out after Fighters Pass Volume 2.

The “train” could even be referring to The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks and how that game could be getting a remake for Nintendo Switch.

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Fellow leaker Kelios seemed to suggest something was up when he posted a picture of a “fairy boy” at 4am his time on April 18 with absolutely no context. Link is referred to as a “fairy boy” in Ocarina of Time, so it’s possible that we could be looking at another remake collection.

Many fans also believe that a new DLC fighter will be revealed at E3 and if Zelda is having a big presence, then it’s possible the character could be from The Legend of Zelda.

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As a franchise, Zelda is probably the most in need of a new Smash character, especially with how the series hasn’t had a new Zelda fighter since Toon Link in Brawl.

In any case, with E3 just a little bit away, it will be fun to see what Nintendo has up its sleeve, not to mention the rumors that they have something in the works with Microsoft too.

We’ll just have to see what the future holds when E3 kicks off on June 12, 2021.

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