Obscure Smash Ultimate fighter stuns Dabuz out of Glitch 8

A portion of the famous Smash Ultimate murel featuring Link, Dr Mario, Sonic and PokemonNintendo

Smash Ultimate pro Samuel ‘Dabuz’ Buzby was in for a rude awakening when his Glitch 8 opponent whipped out one of the most obscure fighters in the game.

After falling down 2-0 in the losers quarterfinals set, Brian ‘Cosmos’ Kalu opted to change fighters from Inking to his Smash 4 main Corrin.

While he made waves with the Fire Emblem fighter back on the Wii U title when he won The Big House 8, his Corrin had been missing in action during Ultimate’s lifespan until now.

Corrin from Fire Emblem rages into battle in Smash Bros UltimateNintendo
When all looked lost, Cosmos pulled out the Corrin.

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“A lot of people feel this is one of the worst characters in the game,” a commentator remarked as the third round began. “She’s definitely the worst sword character for sure.”

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In fact, in an exclusive interview with Dexerto, Cosmos seemed to echo that statement. “All of her specials are really weak,” he told us. “If they made them stronger, I think she would be a pretty viable character.”

Despite all the criticisms against his own character, the Texan was on a warpath with Corrin. Not only did he manage to bring the set back at two games each, but he also took the win in dramatic fashion.

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With the fifth and final game even at two stocks apiece, Cosmos pulled off an incredible read on Dabuz by charging neutral special as Rosalina drifted and scored a wicked kill at just 84%.

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To end the match, the Corrin player connected with a sharp back air to complete the comeback and emerge victorious against all odds.

Cosmos would go on to finish fourth at the Maryland tournament. TSM’s Gavin ‘Tweek’ Dempsey ended up winning the entire thing after a bracket reset by Mario main Rasheen ‘Dark Wizzy’ Rose.

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It will be interesting for fans to see if this new momentum will carry over into the 2020’s first super major Genesis 7.

The stacked event, which features Tweek, Dabuz, Dark Wizzy, Cosmos, and MKLeo begins January 24.