Min Min officially released as Smash Ultimate’s newest DLC fighter

Min Min in Super Smash Bros UltimateNintendo

Nintendo has finally added ARMS’ Min Min to Super Smash Bros Ultimate a full week after her reveal.

Min Min is now available to purchase as the first new character in Fighters Pass Volume 2. She is the first female DLC fighter added to Smash Ultimate in the six that have been released thus far.

The ARMS fighter operates quite differently than other characters in the game, with the A and B buttons operating her left and right arms respectively. She’s also the first character who can perform a smash attack while in the air.

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It will be interesting to see how top level players take to the ARMS fighter and if she can see results in online tournaments as offline events are still a ways off given the ongoing global issues.

Min Min punches Little MacNintendo
Min Min’s arms pack a punch.

Min Min comes with a new Smash stage

Alongside Min Min is an ARMS stage, Spring Stadium. While it probably won’t be tournament legal in the esports scene, the stage does include some cool springs to gain crazy height and features a billboard with the ARMS cast making appearances.

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Additionally, the stage features unique drones who will drop items for players to use in combat.

There’s no telling who the next fighter to be revealed after Min Min will be. Some rumors have suggested it could be Crash Bandicoot, Dante from Devil May Cry, Tails from Sonic or even a League of Legends Champion.

Min Min from Arms in SmashNintendo
Spring Stadium is the newest Smash stage.

A recent poll by Source Gaming found that a majority of players want to see Crash added. Other popular fan favorites include Doomguy, Dante, Geno and Kingdom Hearts’ Sora round out the top 5. However, there’s no indication any of them will be DLC Fighter 7.

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The rest of Fighters Pass Volume 2 is planned to be released by December 31, 2021.