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Hax announces hiatus after Smash community condemns his Leffen “evidence” video

Published: 24/Jun/2021 9:03

by Andrew Amos


Smash pro Aziz ‘Hax’ Al-Yami has “banned himself” from future tournaments, announcing a hiatus from all competition in the wake of the Leffen “evidence” video. Al-Yami also claims Cody ‘iBDW’ Schwab faked his story of sexual abuse growing up.

Hax’s two-hour “Evidence.zip” video took the Smash community by surprise when it was released, accusing William ‘Leffen’ Hjelte of starting up a totalitarian regime within the playbase.

However, after Leffen seeked legal advice, and Hax started getting banned from events ⁠— first by Beyond The Summit, and then Melee Online ⁠— he will now be taking an indefinite hiatus from competition.


Hax originally claimed he was going to “ban himself” for three months, however has since deleted the pledge after widespread criticism.

“I’m going to take some time off since I don’t feel as though it’s possible for me to discuss much at this time,” he said.

“I apologize for my mistakes and hope that people can remember me for who I was a month ago and prior. I would like to return to this community one day after I better myself.”

While under fire for the Leffen video, Melee pro iBDW also came out with his own Hax story after opening up to Al-Yami about being sexually abused by his mother when he was 14.


Hax claimed iBDW “faked” the story, and said “something along the lines of me being 14 and I had to have partially wanted it,” according to the pro.

“I don’t expect us to ever be close again, but it pains me that my relationship with someone who used to come over my house regularly has reached this point. I am sorry to him for my comments and hope that we can sort things out,” Hax said.

iBDW said in his own statement that he “should not have exaggerated the severity of my abuse to him”, but he “100% stands by everything else” he said about Hax, including claiming he made jokes about the assault.


Hax did not state when he would return to Smash competition.