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Hax banned from Smash Summit 11 after Leffen “evidence” video

Published: 10/Jun/2021 8:57 Updated: 12/Jun/2021 5:52

by Andrew Amos


Aziz ‘Hax$’ Al-Yami has been banned from attending Smash Summit after concerns were raised over his “Evidence.zip” video accusing William ‘Leffen’ Hjelte for creating a “totalitarian regime” in the community.

Hax’s 2.5 hour video, self-described as the dossier that “decides the entire fate of the Smash community”, has divided players since its release on June 5.

The pro leveled nine “charges” against Leffen, saying the TSM player was trying to establish a “totalitarian regime” in the Smash community by garnering sympathy from fans while belittling his rivals.

Hax claimed Leffen used “blackmail and propaganda” to “smear” Juan ‘Hungrybox’ DeBiedma, as well as alleging he “hijacked” the #MeToo movement in 2020 ⁠— which caught many prominent Smash players ⁠— for his own gain.


Leffen came out with his own statement saying he was looking into legal action against Hax for the video, but tournament organizers have been quick to distance themselves from the 27-year-old.

Beyond the Summit (BTS), the organizers of Smash Summit 11, is the first major player to make its move in banning Hax.

BTS said it made the decision after “many people expressed concerns about the content of Hax’s video.”

“We take the safety of our Smash Summit 11 players and attendees very seriously and do not condone behavior that encourages harassment or threats toward any of our players or staff,” it said.


“After reviewing the video and concerns from multiple attendees, we will be prohibiting Hax from attending the event in any capacity.”

Smash Summit 11 is taking place on July 15 to 18 as one of the first Smash majors since the global health crisis.

The tournament is expected to take place offline, and Leffen is one of the invited players.