Fans want Chip N’ Dale fighting game after spotting Smash Ultimate reference in new movie

Philip Trahan
super smash bros ultimate key art chip and dale

Fans are asking for a Disney-inspired fighting game after a well-hidden Super Smash Bros. Ultimate easter egg was found in the new Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers movie.

The Rescue Rangers film is chock-full of references to old Disney films and characters that poke fun at some modern film conventions.

However, the movie also has plenty of pop culture references related to various video game franchises, like Sonic the Hedgehog and even Super Mario.

Now fans are calling for a real Disney-centric fighting game after an easter egg that spoofs the iconic key art for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been shared on social media

Fans want a Disney Afternoon fighting game

The Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Ranger film spoofs key art for Smash Ultimate with an incredible attention to detail, despite the artwork only briefly appearing on screen.

super smash bros. ultimate key art
The ‘Disney Afternoon Fight Fest’ spoofs the iconic Super Smash Bros. Ultimate key art very well.

The fictional game’s title, “Disney Afternoon Fight Fest” is placed precisely where the Smash Ultimate logo is, with Chip and Dale mirroring Mario and Link’s positions as well.

Chip N’ Dale’s artwork shows off a variety of Disney cartoon characters, like Max Goof, Darkwing Duck, and Scrooge McDuck posing in the artwork.

After seeing these characters in the fictional game’s poster, fans replied to the tweet saying it’s a shame it isn’t actually a real title.

One Twitter user replied, “It would sell and we all know it.” While another fan said, “I’m now sad we can’t have this as a real game.”

Others replied suggesting characters they’d like to see involved like the iconic Donald Duck and deep-cut references like Marsupilami.

Considering interest surrounding Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and Warner Bros. MultiVersus’ roster has been very high, a ‘Disney Afternoon’ fighter would garner a lot of attention from a wide spectrum of fans.

For now, Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers’ ‘Disney Afternoon Fight Fest’ simply remains a fun and unexpected easter egg that gaming fans got quite the kick out of.

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