Evo Japan Smash Bros winner almost breaks exclusive prize instantly

Twitch: EVO

The winner of Evo Japan’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament was left pretty stunned after dropping their custom prize during the winner’s award ceremony.

The 2020 iteration of Evo Championship Series Japan kicked off on January 24, running a litany of tournaments in a number of fighting game titles that competitors have been diving into.

While many of the tournaments run pretty smoothly, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament came under fire from fans from the get-go as the prize pool didn’t quite match the other games. Instead of a cash prize, the eventual winner would be given a Nintendo Switch Pro controller with a “gold Smash mark.”

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An image of the EVO Japan 2020 logo.Triple Point Entertainment
EVO Japan 2020 has been running alongside some of Smash’s biggest events.

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However, seeing as the event was running alongside one of the biggest smash Events of the year in North America – Genesis 7 – and nearly half of the previously signed-up competitors decided to no-show anyway, the field was pretty thinned out to begin with.

However, that didn’t stop SST|Shuton from claiming victory with their Olimar pick, defeating Kome and their choice of Shulk in the grand finals. Yet, what should have been a pretty big celebration for the Evo Japan winner quickly turned into a disaster.

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As the awards ceremony to celebrate the final placements of the event was being conducted, Shuton was handed his custom Nintendo Switch Pro controller to hold aloft. After taking a few quick snaps, the Smash winner tried to hand it over to someone else, yet, the controller came tumbling out of its presentation box and fell right to the floor.

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After watching on, slightly shocked and assessing for any possible damage, someone else picked it up as Shuton was handed a glass trophy to take some additional celebratory photographs with. 

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Thankfully, the winner managed to keep ahold of the trophy and not have any slip-ups like with the controller as that could have spelled some serious bad luck, dropping back-to-back prizes.