Diddy Kong stuns EVO after getting Cloud to over 600% in Smash Ultimate

Michael Gwilliam

Diddy Kong main “Rikuya” pulled off one of the most incredible plays in Smash Ultimate history during a streamed match at EVO Japan 2020 against Cloud player “Takoman.”

With Takoman up one game in the best-of-three series, Rikuya unleashed an infinite combo with Diddy Kong’s banana, which lasted over a minute and racking up over 500% damage in the process.

As Cloud landed on the right platform in Pokemon Stadium 2, the Diddy main tossed his banana peel projectile at his opponent, causing him to trip. Then, with perfect execution, he proceeded to leap into the air, grab the projectile again, and continuously repeat the process.

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“Is he running out the clock?!” the commentators wondered as Takoman hit 200% damage. “Can I get a judge?”

After twenty seconds of being unable to do anything, the casters observed that Takoman had put his controller down, seemingly admitting defeat.

“Yo, he let go of the controller, dude! He’s done,” they laughed. “Don’t let go of the controller, that’s when you’ve made the mistake.”

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As the play continued and Cloud Strife hit 450%, the casters began wondering if there were any rules on allowing the infinite to continue. “I think you need to stop after 300%,” one pondered.

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“He’s going to 999.99!” they cried, unable to believe what they were witnessing. “Just do it. You’re here a EVO Japan. This is your time to shine.”

Luckily for Takoman, Rikuya decided to show some mercy after getting Cloud to over 600% damage, but ended up taking the stock in style. After running off the side of the stage, the Diddy Kong main charged his Up B and slammed into his opponent, sealing the end of the stock with an explosion.

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“Don’t drop your controller,” they still urged. “It’s not over yet!”

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That turned out to be solid advice. In the very next game, Takoman got the better of Rikuya to win the set 2-1. Still, it was a breathtaking play by the Diddy main – even more impressive, considering it happened on stream during one of the biggest fighting game events of the year.

Happily, the two players managed to laughed about it afterward, indicating there was no bad blood between the competitors.

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EVO Japan runs from Jan 24 – 26. For more on the event, games, schedule and streams, be sure to visit our EVO hub to stay up to date on all the action.

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