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Hints suggest Nintendo Direct, 5th Smash Ultimate DLC coming soon

Published: 3/Jan/2020 0:50

by Michael Gwilliam


A January Nintendo Direct and the announcement of the newest Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter may be imminent, according to a series of hints by both GameStop and Nintendo themselves.

To begin the new year on January 1, Twitter user YuYuKamii posted an image of what is supposedly GameStop’s new SKU listings.

“GameStop system doing it’s usual pre-direct new SKU listings,” the user said along with a smug emoji.

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit and are used to keep inventory at stores and as ComicBook points out, GameStop SKU updates in particular have occurred just before titles were revealed in Nintendo Directs.

The fourth Smash Ultimate DLC fighter, Terry Bogard, was unveiled at a Nintendo Direct in September, so the company has a history of showcasing new fighters during these presentations.

Nintendo themselves may also be hinting that something is coming soon. Maintenance is scheduled for January 6-8, so while it’s possible it could just be standard maintenance, anything is possible.

Last and certainly not least, a page for Challenger Pack 5 is currently up on Nintendo’s eShop. Of course, the fighter is scheduled to be released no later than February 29, so chances are he or she could be released even sooner.

As Dexerto previously reported, in addition to a Nintendo Direct, there are other high profile events where the company could reveal the fifth DLC fighter. Notably, both EVO Japan and Genesis 7 happen the same weekend in January, so either could be an excellent setting to unveil the new character.

In regards to who the fighter will be, it’s very much still up in the air. Prominent leakers have ruled out a series of popular candidates including Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hayabusa, Dante from Devil May Cry, Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia and many more.

NintendoOne spot left. Who will be the next fighter?

Still, it will be interesting to see who the next fighter does in fact end up being, especially with favorites such as Halo’s Master Chief still in the running.

Plus, while Challenger Pack 5 will mark the end of the Fighters Pass, Nintendo has announced that even more fighters will be coming in the future.


Smash Ultimate’s Sakurai reveals which PS5 game he highly recommends

Published: 26/Nov/2020 21:17

by Michael Gwilliam


Super Smash Bros series creator Masahiro Sakurai is known to play all sorts of games, and not just ones made by Nintendo. In a new Famitsu column, the Ultimate director revealed that he got his hands on a PlayStation 5 and what game is recommends the most.

In a translation by Source Gaming, the fifty-year-old explained how he really likes the new Sony console calling it, “nice to touch” due to its smoothness.

According to Sakurai, although he had some issues transferring his PS4 cloud saves to the next-gen console, he’s glad he can play them on PS5.

The first game he played on the console was The Ninja Saviors, but he also used the PS5’s upgrade feature to play an enhanced version of Watch Dogs: Legion. Sakurai was impressed with how the graphics look better in certain places.

Watch Dogs Legion screenshot
Sakurai was enjoying the graphical upgrade for Watch Dogs Legion.

It should be noted, however, that this doesn’t mean that a Watch Dogs character will be coming to Smash Bros anytime soon. Although Sakurai does play the games upcoming fighters are from, he also simply enjoys playing through many titles.

Besides, if Ubisoft was going to get a representative in Smash Ultimate, chances are it would be Rayman and not a Watch Dogs protagonist such as Aiden Pierce.

In any case, Watch Dogs isn’t even the PS5 game he recommends the most, with that title going to Astro’s Playroom.

Sakurai suggests everyone play it because it “acts like a PlayStation archive” and found it to be a “fittingly fresh start to the PS5.”

That all said though, he wasn’t as impressed in other areas. Sakurai says he found the built-in hard drive to be lacking storage space. He also really hopes that the supply issues some people are having are rectified so others can get their hands on the console.

Astro's Playroom controller
Sakurai thinks gamers need to try Astro’s Playroom.

It’s good to see that Sakurai is actively gaming while also working on Smash Ultimate’s next four DLC fighters. So far, there’s no indication as to when fighter 8 will be released, but some rumors have suggested it could be coming in December at The Game Awards.

Until then, hopefully, just like Sakurai, you have a PS5 to keep you busy.