Amazing Smash Ultimate concept brings Master Chief, TF2 Heavy & more to life in-game

Michael Gwilliam
Heavy in Smash Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has captivated the gaming world since its release with its jam-packed roster of fighters, and now talented animator Sourcy has found a way to incorporate Halo’s Master Chief, Phoenix Wright, and more into the game.

When it comes to Smash, it seems like almost no one is off-limits for joining the cast, with the only rule being they must have originated in a video game.

As such, the list of eligible candidates is somewhat endless with some emerging as fan favorites in the case of Master Chief, and especially Team Fortress 2’s Heavy.

The TF2 character has topped a few Smash Ultimate polls to become one of the most requested fighters. While it’s unlikely he ever gets added to the game officially, Sourcy decided to show what he would actually look like in Nintendo’s brawler.

Red Dead 2's Arthur Morgan in Smash
Arthur Morgan looks crazy in Smash Ultimate.

The sick victory animation shows the FPS icon firing a minigun while laughing maniacally. To follow this up, a second screen shows the character doing a dance alongside Isabelle, Mario, and Young Link.

Another incredible victory screen is for Red Dead Redemption 2’s Arthur Morgan, who fires his revolver after tipping his head. The screen then transitions to a wanted poster in pretty smooth fashion.

Arthur Morgan is hardly exactly an extremely-wanted character Smash-wise, but this victory screen has us thinking he could potentially be a neat, albeit unlikely fit.

Perhaps the funniest animation belongs to that of Phoenix Wright and his iconic “objection!” pose. With this screen, he points directly at Ganondorf in a courtroom and demands he “pay for his crimes.”

Best of all, however, is Master Chief who declares “let’s finish this fight” over the booming Halo theme music.

Master Chief has been in almost everyone’s minds since Microsoft worked with Nintendo to add both Banjo and Minecraft Steve to Smash, suggesting the Xbox mascot could have a chance.

Master Chief in Smash
Master Chief would be many people’s dream DLC fighter.

With only two spots remaining in Fighters Pass Volume 2, Chief could be the best way to “finish the fight.”

Seeing how amazing these animations are, we can’t wait to see what Sourcy can cook up in the future or if any of these victory screens end up coming to fruition in the actual game.

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