Fortnite players want excellent Arthur Morgan RDR2 skin to be added

Sourav Banik
an image of arthur morgan and fortnite

A Fortnite player has created an excellent concept Arthur Morgan skin from Red Dead Redemption 2 and fans now want it to be added to the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is arguably one of the most popular creations from Rockstar Games, where Arthur Morgan is the main protagonist. The character has had significant development throughout the game, making him a fan-favorite in the RDR2 community.

Now, a concept artist created an excellent cosmetic for Arthur Morgan in Fortnite, and the entire community has started heaping praise with everyone wanting it to be added to the game.

Fortnite fans want excellent Arthur Morgan RDR2 skin to be real

Posting on X, Happy Power credits the artist and claims this concept Arthur Morgan skin “would go insanely hard” if it makes its way to Fortnite.

The community was on board with the skin and started speaking highly of the artist, claiming it’s a “W concept.”

Several players expressed their desire to have this skin in Fortnite and want Epic Games to “make it happen.” Many others think Epic and Rockstar should work together to bring something like this and said, “Epic Games should really be collaborating with Rockstar at some point.”

The community thinks “Fortnite needs to listen to concept artists for once” and it would be “a very cool concept” if Epic brings something similar and they “would definitely approve of this.”

Fortnite at one point had a battlepass dedicated only to characters from Marvel, and it was an instant hit. Some players argued the community needs a “Red Dead Redemption only battle pass” which can do really well considering how popular and beloved Arthur Morgan and RDR2 are. “Arthur’s story was incredible, he definitely deserves a skin. John should definitely be a part of it though” said one player.

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