When’s the next Sea of Thieves season? Release date, roadmap, and more

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Sea of Thieves Season 12

Sea of Thieves has been going strong since its release back in 2018, continuously rolling out new seasons with new updates. So here’s when the new season will roll out and what you can expect from the game‘s future.

Sea of Thieves is currently on its 11th season and the player base is stronger than ever. With the release of Season 12 on the horizon, Rare is finally set to release Sea of Thieves on PlayStation 5 on April 30, 2024.

So, if you’re wondering what’s next for the future of Sea of Thieves, our handy hub has everything you need to know.


Sea of Thieves Season 12 will launch on April 30, 2024.
Sea of Thieves Season 12 will launch on April 30, 2024.

When does Sea of Thieves Season 12 start?

Sea of Thieves Season 12 will roll out on April 30, 2024, which also happens to be the same day the game releases on PlayStation 5.

Sea of Thieves is currently on its eleventh season which began on January 23, 2024, and was estimated to last for 17 weeks.

Sea of Thieves roadmap

As Sea of Thieves sails into the future, players can anticipate a wave of updates and additions that promise to enrich the pirate experience. Sea of Thieves recently released a preview video which is a roadmap highlighting what to expect from the future of the game. So, here’s a look at what the upcoming seasons hold for Sea of Thieves fans:

Season 12

The Double Barrled Flintlock as seen in the Sea of Thieves 2024 Preview Event.
The Double Barrled Flintlock as seen in the Sea of Thieves 2024 Preview Event.
  • Season 12 introduces the Double-Barrelled Flintlock, a close-range weapon that allows you to fire two rapid-fire shots before needing to reload or fire a single shot with the power of two.
  • Accompanying the flintlock is the versatile throwing knife, usable in both melee and ranged combat, with the caveat that thrown knives must be retrieved from surfaces.
  • A new tool called the Scattershot is being added as well which will allow you to shoot four cannonballs at once, ideal for overwhelming enemy vessels.
  • The Bone Caller is an interesting addition that allows you to spawn skeletons to help you in battle.
  • The Wind Caller, another magical tool, creates powerful gusts with various practical uses such as boosting sails, extinguishing fires, or even pushing enemies into the ocean. You can even use it as a cushion to negate fall damage.
  • Season 12 introduces ziplines on several islands allowing for swift travel back to ships.

Season 13

The Burning Blade Sea of Thieves.
The Burning Blade as shown in the Sea of Thieves 2024 Preview Event
  • Season 13 heralds the return of the formidable villain, Captain Flameheart, aboard his enhanced flagship, the Burning Blade which will now be a permanent PvE world event.
  • Players will now have the opportunity to board the Burning Blade, replace its crew, and wield its powerful flamethrower.
  • To please Flameheart, crews must collect Orbs of Secret from Skeleton Camps, presenting them to increase the vessel’s treasure, leading to strategic decisions and potential clashes with other players.

Season 14

The Grappling Gun can be used to harpoon in items.
The Grappling Gun can be used to harpoon in items.
  • While details remain limited, Rare has teased the introduction of the Grapple Gun, offering various functions such as reeling in items or players, scaling ledges, and executing daring boarding maneuvers.
  • Season 14 will also introduce a new weapon called the Blowdart along with the addition of Traps. Traps will act as throwable devices that will allow you to disrupt enemies, be it on shores or ships.

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