xQc explains why he’s quitting OfflineTV’s Rust PvP server for RP

Alex Garton
xQc Rust stream

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has just announced that he’s “done” with The Badlands Rust server, and will be moving to OfflineTV’s ‘The Divide’ RP server. This decision was made on-stream after his raid was interrupted by a third-party.

The moment xQc joined OfflineTV’s first dedicated Rust server earlier this month, he made it very clear his only objective was to PvP. The huge Twitch personality was at the center of all the server’s drama, with streamers like Shroud even claiming he would be the reason the server imploded.

In time, OfflineTV’s Abe ‘BaboAbe’ Chung found it necessary to set up two individual servers so both PvPers and RPers could enjoy their desired gameplay experience. Of course, xQc began playing on The Badlands PvP server, however, in a recent stream, it’s been revealed that he will be moving to The Divide and quitting the PVP server.

Rust players PvPing
Rust was initially released all the way back in 2013.

xQc quits The Badlands server to join The Divide

After attempting to conduct a raid on stream, xQc’s group was interrupted by a third-party and wiped. Not only did this lead him to end the stream early, but he also announced that was he was quitting the PvP server, stating that, “yeah, at this point I think I’m going to move to the RP server, I think that’s the best for everybody.”

It’s obvious he’s not having as much fun as he was on The Badlands and even compared the server to normal Rust: “I’m done with this, this is getting really cringe, guys, this is worse than normal Rust, and that’s impressive considering this is a creator server.”

Despite quitting the server, xQc remained relatively calm while announcing the news and seemed more disappointed than angry.

The stream did finish on a positive note, though, with him revealing that he’s willing to give the RP server a try: “I had decent ideas for RP, we’ll give RP a go and see how fun it is.”

For xQc viewers who love the raiding content, this news will be immensely disappointing. However, it’s not like The Divide is completely void of PvP, it’s just allocated to a particular area of the map.

It’s worth noting that the majority of the huge Twitch personalities are on the OfflineTV RP server, so adding xQc to the mix will certainly be fun.

Despite his reputation for PvP, xQc is no stranger to RP, previously enjoying his time roleplaying as Jean-Pierre Baptiste on the GTA V RP server ‘No Pixel’. While it may not be his bread and butter, we’ve seen him do it before, and the streamer has definitely got potential.

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