Team DisguisedToast dominates Team xQc to win $100k Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle 2

Connor Bennett
Rust characters running with Twitch Rivals logo

Team DisguisedToast came out on top in the $100k Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle 2 as they were able to outlast Team xQc after five days of red hot action.

Twitch Rival events usually provide some great content for viewers, but nothing has been as action-packed or drama-filled as when the Rust becomes the game of choice.

Last time out, the event pitted North American streamers against their European counterparts, and things descended into absolute chaos – especially surrounding xQc. Though, that didn’t stop the survival game from making a return under the Twitch Rivals banner.

On August 9, a five-day, $100,000 event with teams led by DisguisedToast, xQc, TheGrefg, and Dhalucard kicked off with the aim of the game being simple – outslay your opponents and try to destroy their Tool Cupboard.

Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle 2 results as Team DisguisedToast win

After five days of action, it was Team DisguisedToast that came out on top, outlasting Team xQc on the final day to claim the top prize and bragging rights.

Team DisguisedToast ended the final day with over double the kills as their rivals, outscoring xQc’s legion 518 to 254 in that department.

The Offline TV star gave a shoutout to his co-captain HJune, as well as xQc’s co-captain Mendo, for helping put everything together for the event. “I think both of them carried the teams and the event with all the organization and getting people together, so, this event could not have happened with those two,” he said in his victory speech.

As so much organization goes into the Rust events – setting up a map, putting massive teams together, and deciding what the all-important viewer drops are going to be – it’ll probably be a few months before we see another one.

The events have been massive successes though, so we’ll definitely see more – especially as viewers continue to flock in their thousands to watch for hours upon end.