Disguised Toast reveals Valorant team is costing tens of thousands a month

DisguisedToast hits out at valorant incelsInstagram: disguisedtoast / Riot Games

Popular streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has shared details about how much he is spending on his Valorant team each month.

The OfflineTV star revealed his Valorant team on January 9, called ‘Disguised’, ahead of the open qualifiers for NA Challengers, the second-tier competition in Riot Games’ circuit.

Led by former 100 Thieves and T1 captain Josh ‘steel’ Nissan, the team quickly repaid Disguised Toast’s faith. They qualified for Challengers in their first attempt following an undefeated run in the open qualifier.

Questioned by Yassine ‘Subroza’ Taoufik about how much he is paying his players, Toast declined to provide an exact figure. He then said that Subroza could give two estimates and he’d answer by stating whether those numbers were higher or lower than the actual figures.

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Asked if he is paying his players $5,000 a month, Disguised Toast said “higher than that,” much to Subroza’s surprise.

Almost all players on ‘Disguised’ have VCT experience, with team captain Joshua ‘steel’ Nissan, an esports veteran with a long career in Counter-Strike prior to switching to Valorant, having guided 100 Thieves to the semi-finals of VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin in 2021. The only exception is Joseph ‘clear’ Allen, a rookie player who has emerged as one of North America’s most exciting talents.

In a subsequent live stream, Disguised Toast joked that he has been playing video games instead of enjoying Taiwan in order to “fund my Valorant team”. He added that the team did not make any money from qualifying for NA Challengers and that it will take some time before he can find some sponsors who can help alleviate some of the financial strain on him.

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“Sponsors don’t happen in two days,” he noted. “You can’t convince a billion-dollar company to give you their money in two days. That’s not how society works.”