xQc shuts down "racist" accusations after $100k Rust Twitch Rivals drama - Dexerto

xQc shuts down “racist” accusations after $100k Rust Twitch Rivals drama

Published: 17/Apr/2022 10:55

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel shut down claims he was “racist” towards Spanish streamers during the $100,000 Twitch Rivals Rust event after it sparked a whole lot of controversy. 

On April 14, a massive Twitch Rivals event between some of the platform’s biggest streamers from North America, LATAM, and Spain kicked off as they dove into Rust for an all-out battle between Team DisguisedToast and Team Alexby11.

The aim of the game was just classic Rust: collect materials, rack up enemy kills, and prepare for a massive raid of each other’s bases at the end of three days. Though, the event was shut down early after two days of action, with tensions boiling over between some of the Spanish-speaking and North American content creators.


A handful of the Spanish streamers threatened to walk away early, citing a lack of respect from their NA counterparts – which prompted a classic xQc rant. On top of that, the Canadian was also accused of being racist, which he was also having none of.

YouTube: DisgusedToast, Youtube:Alexby11
Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle has come to a close ahead of schedule.

With the event coming to its conclusion, xQc and his team were trying to farm materials through Rust’s casino spin wheel so that they could extend their already hefty lead.

The teams were locked in a heated chat exchange when xQc posted: “Oh, I said you’re s**t at Rust, get a job? Still mad about that?” Streamer dilanzito quickly fired back, stating: “xQc, you are the most racist guy.” That immediately shocked the NA team, who questioned why that allegation would be made during such an event.


xQc remained silent for a moment, shutting down the claim with a text response of his own. “LMFAO, who the f**k types that in your employers’ tournament chat,” replied the Canadian, who then expanded on things. “This guy is losing his f**king mind. His marbles are falling out of his pocket man. Dude, what the f**k?”

The Twitch star and his teammates were left baffled by the claim as they continued trying to gather up materials, preparing for the raid that never lived up to its promise.

Following on from all the drama, Twitch Rivals have stated that they will be re-evaluating a few things before trying to set up something similar in the future.