Huge streamer Rust server ruined by DDoS attack against Valkyrae, Myth, more

Streamers playing RustValkyrae / Shroud/ Facepunch

After a bunch of top streamers joined forces for a mega game of Rust on a single server, their ambitious plans were spoiled by supposed DDoS attacks, rendering the server unplayable.

Organized by a host of some of the biggest streamers in the world, including shroud, Valkyrae, TSM Myth, Sykkuno, and many more, the Rust server extravaganza was set to be a way to end the 2020 year of streaming with a bang.

But those plans have been delayed after the first attempt was ruined, with some suggesting DDoS attacks are to blame.

Millions of fans were tuning in across YouTube and Twitch to see their favorite streamers go head-to-head in the survival game, but it all started to go wrong for the server.

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Rust gameplayFacepunch Studios
Rust is a multiplayer survival game on PC, where players must survive the wilderness with limited resources.

Rust server DDoS’d?

Hosted by streamer BaboAbe, the server didn’t hold up. While some have suggested this was due to an influx of viewers trying to enter the game, others, including some of the streamers, have blamed DDoS attacks.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a type of malicious network attack, that essentially floods a server with so much data that it crashes.

It’s been a method of shutting games down online for years, and it’s very likely to be the cause of the issues in this case too. TSM Myth expressed his anger about the situation on Twitter.

Valkyrae, one of the masterminds behind the plan, said that the server should be up and running again the next day, ready for attempt number two on December 27.

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BoboAbe said people should treat the first day as a trial run, and that improvements have been made so that things should run more smoothly the second time around.

“Sorry for the issues today!” he said. “Everything will be fixed, better and there will most likely be no issues tomorrow!”

Unfortunately, if people really were maliciously targeting the server, it will almost impossible to make them stop – but presumably, some stronger protection has been put in place to prevent it from impacting the stream too much.

The Rust server day two is set to kick off at 6pm PST, on December 27. Full details of streamers involved can be found here.

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