Disguised Toast tries and fails to be Spanish in Rust to infiltrate Spain team’s base

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Disguised Toast reclining

Disguised Toast recently infiltrated the Spanish team’s base during the Twitch Rival Rust Team Battle event, but his big brain plan quickly ended in a comical disaster. 

Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle is well underway and both NA and LATAM are currently battling it out for a chance to claim the $100,000 prize pool. With so much at stake, both teams must try to hatch brilliant plans that can net them an advantage in battle. 

So far, both sides have been trading blows over resources and materials needed to craft high-level weapons and structures. While it’s often safer to travel in numbers, Disguised Toast decided that his latest mission would be a purely solo experience. 

As the leader of the North American team, the popular streamer took it upon himself to sneak behind enemy lines and gain vital information on his enemy. Unfortunately, his brave attempt to supply his allies with new details didn’t exactly go as planned. 

Disguised Toast’s Rust plan goes comically wrong

Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle has had plenty of comical moments.

After waiting at the recycling plant for a number of minutes, Disguised Toast decided that his original plan to ambush his enemy wasn’t going to work. Instead, the streamer decided to pay his enemies a visit by sneaking into their base. 

After creeping up to the Spanish team’s main storehouse, Toast could clearly hear two players talking with one another. This was the perfect opportunity to gain intel on his team’s enemy. 

However, as the content creator silently walked around the walls of the building, he quickly realized his plan had one major flaw – he couldn’t understand a word they were saying. After laughing at his own blunder, Toast decided that he wasn’t going to come away empty-handed.  

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He waited for a lull in the conversation and attempted to pull out his best Spanish, asking “dónde está la Biblioteca?” This question was met with complete silence and the players inside the storeroom went deathly quiet. 

However, he was quickly spotted by a passerby who alerted a nearby guard to Toast’s whereabouts. The NA leader was then quickly eliminated and sent packing back to his base.

While Toast didn’t gain any useful intel for his comrades, he certainly had a memorable moment that provided a lot of laughs. Quite whether he’ll ever find the Spanish team’s library on his next excursion remains to be seen. 

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