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Team DisguisedToast handed $100K Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle win: Final results

Published: 17/Apr/2022 4:30 Updated: 17/Apr/2022 1:28

by Dave Deiley


Twitch Rivals Rust Team Battle is now in the books as the $100,000 event ended early with Team DisguisedToast handed the ultimate win. From how to it all played out to who competed, here’s everything you need to know.

Twitch Rivals was back in a big way this month with a whopping $100,000 up for grabs in a massive Rust event. Collecting dozens of top streamers, teams battled it out across 48 hours straight of intense competition.

From where you can rewatch to a breakdown of the format, here’s everything there is to know about the $100K Rust Team Battle.


Rust Team Battle Twitch Rivals stream

Featuring two 40 x 40 teams battling it out in honor of their homelands, this event was harder to watch than most. For fans seeking to catch the recap, it’s available on the Twitch Rivals channel embedded below, here you’ll find highlights, interviews, and play-by-plays on the action as it happened.


Rust Team Battle schedule

The event was a single, continuous 48-hour marathon running from April 14 at 12:00pm PDT and ending April 16 at 12:00pm PDT.

You can find streamed recaps from day 1, day 2 and a look back on what has been available on the Twitch Rivals page at 12pm PST on April 14, 15 and 16.

Rust Team Battle Twitch Rivals recap: Results

While teams clashed for hours on end, the $100K event didn’t quite go the distance. Due to some poor communication with official rules, teams left early, forcing the event hosts’ hands in making a final decision.

Ultimately, the win was handed to Team DisguisedToast, leading to a win for North American Twitch streamers.


NemerethTV was also given a bonus payout for claiming the most scalps during the marathon event, tallying up 160 kills in total.

Rust Team Battle Twitch Rivals format

The two teams were representing North America under Disguised Toast’s leadership and South/Latin America under the supervision of Alexby11.

With Rust being a nontraditional competitive game, Twitch Rivals went deep to establish rules on how the tournament would play out. As listed on the Twitch Rivals page for this tournament, here are how the scores were decided:

      • Earn points by eliminating enemy players, collecting their dog tags, and returning them to base to cash in for credit at their team’s shrine
      • Players can pick up teammates’ dog tags and deposit in their own base to deny them from the opposition
      • Hackable crate events will occur during the broadcast window that will award additional loot and dog tags
      • Neutral raidable bases will spawn around the neutral islands that will award additional loot and dog tags
      • A hackable crate event will kick off the last broadcast window; 15 minutes after either team claims the crate, PVP base raiding is enabled
      • Each NPC kill has a 33% chance of dropping a dog tag
      • When a team’s tool chest is destroyed during the base raiding period, all dog tags they’ve collected are dropped and need to be denied by the team that destroyed the chest
      • Dog tags are “denied” by picking them up and carrying them across the islands back to their home base
      • Players carrying stolen dog tags will be marked on the map while returning them to base
      • The team whose tool chest was destroyed may kill the raiding team’s dog tag carrier and reclaim the dog tags if 48 hours are not up
      • That team MUST rebuild their tool chest in order to re-cash the stolen dog tags
      • The team that has the most cashed-in dog tags at the end of 48 hours will be the winners


      • Total kills by each team
      • Total non-cashed dog tags collected by each team
      • Total damage done by each team
      • Total nodes farmed by each team

All games were played on a private NA server hosted by Twitch on a custom 5 island-style map.

Rust Team Battle NA vs LATAM teams

Team DisguisedToast Team Alexby11
DisguisedToast Alexby11
5uppp AgenteMaxo
AnthonyZ AlphaSniper97
BaboAbe Ampeterby7
baoo AriGameplays
bnans aroyitt
buddha ByRubii9
Chap bysTaXx
chrismelberger bytarifaaa
CoconutB caliebre
hJune Carola
imPheetus CrystalMolly
itsRyanHiga dilanzito
KristoferYee GradyWhite_
Kruzadar ibaiAP
Mendo IsVolcano
MissDoitBIG L6c6f6R
Morgausse LakshartNia
MrLlamaSC LauGamerCO
Nadeshot Leviathan
Natsumiii natalan
OvileeMay NemerethTV
Picco Nephtunie
renniesaurus p0me
Sajam Panpots
Scarra Reborn_Live
shroud ricoy23
sneakylol Rubius
spoonkid Silithur
Surefour SkyshockTV
Sykkuno SoyPan
tarik SrSerpiente
taxi2g Stratus
TenZ TheGrefg
triciaisabirdy Vane_Escamilla
Welyn xGuiRy


xQcOW ZilverK
ZVCH ZormanWorld