Disguised Toast reveals mystery streamer has been banned for Rust Twitch Rivals event

Ryan Lemay

Twitch Rivals’ initial Rust tournament had its fair share of drama. Jeremy’ Disguised Toast’ Wang revealed that he turned down a mystery streamer from competing in the second Rust event.

Popular Twitch streamer Disguised Toast helped organize and compete in April’s Twitch Rivals Rust tournament. The three-day $100,000 tournament featured 40 English-speaking streamers against 40 Spanish-speaking streamers.

The Spanish-speaking team stormed out of the event, claiming they were being treated ‘unfairly.’ The event ended a day early and received criticism from fans.

“I just wanted everyone to have a good time,” Toast claimed. While he admitted some “frustrating” moments, he thought his team had fun.

Twitch Rivals announced a second Rust tournament would be taking place on August 9. Toast gave fans an inside scoop on what fans can expect from the upcoming tournament.

Disguised Toast reveals mystery streamer banned from Rust event

Twitch Rivals held a Rust tournament in April.

The second Twitch Rivals Rust tournament is for $100,000 and features four teams competing over 5 days. xQc was confirmed also to be competing in the event. The tournament begins on August 9.

The objective of Rust is to survive in the wilderness using gathered or stolen materials. Players must successfully manage their hunger, thirst, and health or risk dying.

Toast claimed that the event would be a top five Twitch Rivals event.

The streamer didn’t reveal if any Spanish streamers are competing, but he did hint at possible participant news on August 3.

Toast asked for three exceptions and said he would not organize the event if players had to stream the tournament. He also saw that one streamer was invited and said that person could not play.

When asked about who he declined, the streamer said, “I am trying to run a fun event.”

We will provide an update once Twitch Rivals reveals the complete participant list.