Disguised Toast pokes fun at Ninja’s costly streaming MasterClass: “I do the opposite”

Twitch: Disguised Toast/YouTube: Drew Gooden

Disguised Toast has poked fun at Ninja’s streaming MasterClass workshop, reacting to some of the advice by completely undermining the advice being given.

Earlier this year, popular streamer Ninja released a MasterClass series. The MasterClass launched in March 2022 and is available for anyone to purchase for $180 USD per year.

Since its creation, many other streamers have shared their thoughts on both the concept of a streaming MasterClass but also the specifics of what Ninja is teaching throughout it. Many even criticized the content and the concept as being a ‘cash grab.’

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YouTuber Drew Gooden recently uploaded a video to his YouTube called: “I took Ninja’s MasterClass and it ruined my life.” In the video, Gooden explained how he purchased Ninja’s MasterClass and spent the 40-minute run time essentially making fun of the whole thing. His reaction video has since garnered over 2 million views.

Shortly after Gooden uploaded his video, Disguised Toast quickly released a reaction to it. Specifically, Toast reacted to some of the advice that Ninja was offering up in his MasterClass.

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In the MasterClass video, Ninja delves deep into building a community. What up-and-coming streamers can do to build their viewership and gets people to like and follow them and their content.

When reacting to this section of Ninja’s streaming MasterClass, Disguised Toast gave a very honest and potentially sarcastic answer to one particular section of the video. Ninja’s MasterClass is a series of videos, advice, and content that is meant to help fans and new streamers make their big break.

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One thing Ninja highlights as being important is building a good rapport with one’s community. Creating a safe space for people to come in and share whatever they want in the space. However, Disguised Toast’s reaction to this advice is a stark contrast. “I do the f***ing opposite”, began Toast.

“Someone tells me about how sad they are and I’m like, I don’t give a sh*t you’re bringing down my vibes f**k off.”

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For anyone interested in Ninja’s MasterClass sessions, all the details can be found via the website link here.

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