Rogue Company map tier list: Skyfell, Canals, Vice, more

Bill Cooney
Hi-Rez Studios

Rogue Company is a game defined by the various maps it offers to players, each one has its own little quirks and things that make it unique, but which ones are actually the best to play on? Read on and find out.

There are currently fourteen maps available for the main Rogue Company game modes.

As soon as you get a few games under your belt, it becomes very apparent that all of the maps are, sadly, not created equally. Some cater to Rogue Company’s unique gameplay, while others fall short to varying degrees on how well they work with the characters, gunplay, and more.

We’ll be taking a look at all of the currently available maps and ranking them from best to worst below, so let’s get right into it and see how the different stages all stack up against one another.

A-Tier – High Castle, Windward, Skyfell, Breach, Lockdown

Hi-Rez Studios
Breach has been a great addition to Rogue Company.

The cream of the crop for Rogue Company maps has to be the trio of High Castle, Skyfell, Windward, Breach, and Lockdown. All of these make for the ideal matchup between opposing teams, for the following reasons.

You have areas that feature both long and short sightlines for a variety of engagements. This means Sniper Rogues can live up to their potential on these maps as opposed to the lower tiers, where she can have a tough time standing out and making plays with her long-range weapons.

There’s also plenty of space between each team when you drop in, so things don’t just turn into an instant firefight, and players can choose where they want to engage more easily.

Finally, all three of these locations give us a lot of room for rotations, with multiple paths between lanes and plenty of flanking opportunities.

B-Tier – Vice, Favelas, The Arena, Palace

Hi-Rez Studios
Vice is the newest map in Rogue Company.

Moving on to the B Tier… Vice, Favelas, The Arena, and Palace can all definitely be enjoyable as well, but they don’t quite make the cut to break into the top level.

While all four feature areas with longer sightlines, they don’t have near as many as the first three maps. Though, a decent sniper can definitely still bring the pain, so do be careful.

One of the biggest issues with every map on this tier, is how quickly engagements happen after you drop in. You need to be ready to jump right into combat on each of these stages.

C-Tier – Icarus, Factory, Hollows, Glacier

Hi-Rez Studios
Icarus might be the most claustrophobic Rogue Company map out there.

For the third Tier, we come to Icarus, Factory, Hollows, and Glacier — a group of maps that just feel awkward to play on at the best of times.

If we look at Icarus for example, the defense always has a huge advantage based on how long it takes to get to either bomb site, and how narrow the access routes are to each. Defenders can post up on either side route right away and turn it into a deathtrap for attackers.

All four maps are lacking in long-range engagement opportunities, with most fights devolving into close-quarters combat almost immediately. You can peek on Factory or Glacier for example, but this will most likely result in you being knocked and begging Saint for a revive.

D-Tier – Canals

Hi-Rez Studios
Canals, why does it even exist, just to make us suffer?

Finally, we come to the very bottom of the barrel, the lowest rung on the Rogue Company map food chain: Canals. We will say that Canals has a good amount of time before teams engage, but it all goes crashing downhill from there.

The whole map, save for one or two areas on the attacking spawn side, is completely enclosed and very close-quarters. You can certainly run Phantom or Fixer, just don’t pick a sniper rifle unless you want your entire team to start flaming you.

There are only a few set routes for rotations as well, and they’re extremely obvious, making it easier for the enemy team to cut you off and wait for you to come to them, putting you at an immediate disadvantage.

Hi-Rez has made changes to maps in the past, but we’re not sure if Canals is even capable of being saved. It might just be time to delete it from the game altogether.