Roblox devs admit they’re “burnt out” as hackers run rampant

Andrew Highton
roblox characters running

Roblox creators are being impacted by the sheer number of hackers and exploiters plaguing their games and have reached out to The Roblox Corporation for help.

The beauty of Roblox is how diverse the game is and how it allows creative minds to bring almost any project to life. From tower defense games to full-on horror, Roblox is a very freeing and liberating game development tool.

As well as fun, casual games, Roblox is also capable of sustaining properly competitive PvP games such as Adopt Me!

But as with many other games that have experienced hackers in the past such as Warzone and Apex Legends, devs for competitive Roblox games have had to contend with a myriad of exploiters seeking to gain an unfair advantage and ruin games.

Roblox hackers proving to be too much for devs

A dev who goes by the user name of ‘Hutch’ on the game’s official forum recently helped to change a competitive Roblox game from paid to free-to-play and shared the following stats:

  • “6 million visits with an average player count in the ~2500 range (higher at launch)
  • 2,964 moderator issued bans (~40% assisted by user reports)
  • 25,342 automatic anti-cheat bans at a rate of ~817 per day”

This data indicates that nearly 1,000 exploiters and cheaters are being banned each day, and for a smaller team working on a Roblox game, it’s proving to be very hard work.

Hutch said: “It is exhausting and demoralizing dealing with exploiters all the time. The enjoyment I get out of developing games on Roblox doesn’t even start to outweigh the burnout myself and my moderation teams suffer through.”

The dev then goes on to suggest that these games within the actual game itself are receiving next-to-no assistance from The Roblox Corporation themselves: “It’s so much larger of an issue than just an anti-cheat problem and it never feels like any meaningful progress is made by Roblox to assist developers with these issues.”

They go on to describe the process saying that Roblox as a whole “only has one developer facing moderation tool (with outdated docs and no tutorial for making the ban system the docs refer to)” and that they “have an intentional disadvantage when it comes to dealing with exploiting problems.”

These are just the complaints of one developer behind one game in the Roblox universe, so it does beg the question as to how many other competitive games in Roblox are also falling victim to exploiters.

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