LoL devs reveal they’re “actively tracking” organized trolling group amid player concerns

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The League of Legends devs have responded to player complaints about an organized trolling group griefing players in low Masters ranked games.

League of Legends developer Riot Games has responded to player concerns about a group of organized trolls who have been running rampant in low Masters ranked games. The group which is yet to be identified by name has been protesting the lack of response from the devs about trolls, griefing others in-game.

According to a recently made Reddit thread, the trolls use bots to run multiple clients, forcing players to dodge games by intentionally trolling champion select. If the games do go through they then proceed to grief the game, making it unwinnable for the unfortunate team they’ve been put on.

Trolls are not an uncommon thing in League of Legends and are something that the devs are more than familiar with. Now Rioters have come forth to respond to player concerns, citing that they’ve been actively tracking and investigating said group.

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LoL devs respond to player concerns about organized trolling group

“We’ve been actively tracking and actioning these groups at regular cadence, with hundreds of accounts being banned.

We are working on multiple aspects of preventative technology for these sorts of behaviors, but in the meanwhile, reporting these players does help them get to our eyes and out of game faster.” the dev replied.

When asked about the issue of griefing itself, another Rioter stated that they’re working on solving that issue as well, but don’t want to speak on it until they have something they can share.

“We’re working on solving griefing issues as well but we don’t really want to speak on it until we have something tangible to share. Hopefully soon™ we’ll be able to share some of the work the team has been doing. This is just something that we can talk on right now because regardless of the reason, its still a problem too.

“I don’t want to keep saying “we’re working on it” just as much as you don’t like hearing/reading “we’re working on it” again and again.”