Red Dead Redemption Remastered rumors: Leaks & everything we know

Calum Patterson
red dead redemption remastered

Red Dead Redemption’s original 2010 release led the way for what would later become one of the best-selling games of all time with the sequel, and now there are rumors that Rockstar is remastering the original. Here’s what we know about the possibility of RDR1 remastered.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was the open-world masterpiece of the current generation, but the original Red Dead was the recipe for success that it was built upon.

With the sequel’s success, there was a renewed interest in the classic 2010 game, both from those who had played it at the time, and those new to the series. Although it is still playable, it’s not exactly up to modern gaming standards, from a technical perspective.

But, that could easily be resolved with a remastered version – something now the subject of rumor and speculation, thanks to a new age rating for the game.

Red Dead age rating sparks remaster rumors

On June 15, it was noticed that the age rating authority in South Korea had granted Red Dead Redemption a new age rating – specifically “Not available for minors”.

But, the rating itself is not what got people talking. Rather, it’s simply the fact there is a new age rating at all. It has immediately sparked questions about whether Rockstar is gearing up for some sort of new release, specifically a remaster.

One other interesting note about the rating is that, according to Gematsu, it is specifically for a console game rather than PC.

Insiders claim Red Dead Redemption remaster announced soon

According to reporter Colin Moriarty, Rockstar is indeed working on a Red Dead Redemption remaster – and official confirmation could be coming very soon.

“I have seen confirmation that this is real,” Moriarty said. “I had someone reach out to me behind the scenes that showed me something that definitively shows this game is coming. Maybe even imminently with an announcement, maybe in August.”

He explained this on a July episode of Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast. Meanwhile, over on GTA forums, reliable Rockstar insider Tez2 said that collection of studios may be working on the Red Dead remaster: “My knowledge is the same as you all. If this is happening, I doubt it’s solely R* Dundee, but either a collective of R* studios or a new 3rd-party studio.”

Take-Two confirms previously released titles coming back

Perhaps the most concrete information we have yet pointing to the Red Dead remaster comes from Take-Two, the publisher.

In announcing their plans for Fiscal Year 2024, Take-Two said, “we also plan to launch 2 iterations of previously released titles in Fiscal 2024.”

Of course, they did not specify what these titles will be, but with lots of signs pointing to RDR1 remastered, that could certainly be one of them. As for the other, it is anyone’s guess, although some fans will be holding out hope for a GTA IV remaster too.

Is Rockstar remastering Red Dead Redemption?

While Rockstar still hasn’t announced anything officially, reliable leaker Tez2 revealed in 2022 that Rockstar had been developing a remaster of both Red Dead Redemption 1 and GTA IV.

However, it was later revealed that those remasters had been canceled, and this was later also reported by Kotaku. Instead, Rockstar was said to be putting all of their efforts into GTA 6.

Since then, the rumors and hints have continued, and in typical Rockstar fashion, they stay quiet on all the speculation. We’ll keep this article updated with more details as they come.