Arthur Morgan actor chimes in on Red Dead Redemption 3 amid Rockstar’s GTA 6 reveal

Brad Norton
Arthur Morgan Red Dead next to GTA 6 art

Just as GTA 6 is setting records as the fastest-growing reveal trailer for any Rockstar release, Roger Clark, the actor behind Arthur Morgan, has commented on Red Dead Redemption 3, assuring fans he’s “certain” it’ll happen “one day.”

After years of bated breath, gamers finally breathed a sigh of relief yesterday when GTA 6 was unveiled in all its glory. Following some early leaks, Rockstar pushed out the official trailer and quickly set the internet ablaze.

Smashing records across the board as the fastest-growing non-music video in YouTube history, the reveal trailer sent shockwaves throughout the industry as fans now eagerly await its 2025 release.

Though amid the unprecedented hype, another Rockstar franchise has jumped back into the spotlight as well. Could Red Dead Redemption 3 be in the cards after the new GTA sequel? According to the man behind Arthur Morgan, it’s ‘certainly’ possible.

john marston drawing gun in red dead redemption 2
A third entry in Rockstar’s acclaimed western series seems inevitable, according to Roger Clark.

Chiming in on the newly released GTA 6 trailer just like everyone else on the internet, Roger Clark had a few things to say. Namely, his conversation starter focused on GTA Online, claiming the current version will still exist moving forward.

“There’s no reason whatsoever for GTA 5 Online to slow down,” he said. Arguing that because it’s set in a different location, it could continue on while GTA 6 Online operates independently. “They’ll both be around for us all to enjoy. Rockstar is going to head further into the stratosphere.”

While evidently not clued in to the studio’s plans, Clark then pivoted to discuss the future of the Red Dead franchise, a series he’s inextricably linked to.

“I’m certain we will see RDR3 one day,” he said in response to a fan, not mincing words. “When that will be – I have absolutely no idea. Don’t count on Arthur’s involvement either. His story has been told, I feel.”

Clearly just speaking his mind, with official plans nailed down of yet, at least none involving his character, it’s obviously worth taking these words with a grain of salt for now. Does another entry in the Red Dead franchise seem likely at some point? Of course. But not even those involved in the previous release appear to have any key insight at this stage.

So for now, it’s full steam ahead as GTA 6 barrels towards its 2025 release with all the momentum in the world. What comes after that is anyone’s guess, but Clark is confident we haven’t seen the last of the Western series.

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