Vanderpump Rules’ Lala responds to criticism of “thirst trap” photo with her daughter

Molly Byrne
Lala Kent and daughter Ocean.

Lala Kent of Vanderpump Rules is facing backlash after posting a photo on Instagram, featuring herself and her daughter, which some fans have called a “thirst trap.”

As a cast mate of Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent is known for her risqué clothing, or lack of, as she first began the show with a nude profile picture on Instagram, causing quite the response throughout her Season 4 entrance to the popular BravoTV show. 

Though Kent gave birth to her daughter Ocean, fathered by her now ex-fiancé Randall Emmett, in March 2021, she hasn’t stopped provocative picture taking or posting.

When she posted what’s been described as a “thirst trap” to her Instagram on July 8, Lala backed herself up after criticism from followers.

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent is “so over the mom shaming”

Kent is used to facing hard critics, as her Vanderpump Rules castmates left the Season 4 reunion in agreement that she was a “ratchet whore.” 

Though Kent has since worked on her relationships with Vanderpump members, she is now facing heat from her social media followers after posting a suggestive photo to her Instagram. 

The controversy around Kent’s provocativeness has been hushed over the course of the BravoTV series, as castmates are mainly focused on cheating rumors and the Scandoval.

However, the photo she posted was not just by itself — it was next to a picture of her toddler daughter, Ocean. 

This then caused those on Instagram to say, “You realize when you share content online, you are openly inviting all forms of feedback right? Negative included, and this is embarrassing.”

Continuing, “I can’t believe this is the type of feminine image/behavior we worship these days. This is not a true representation of beauty.”

Lala Kent of Vanderpump Rules posted a risque photo next to a picture of her young daughter.
Lala Kent of Vanderpump Rules posted a risque photo next to a picture of her young daughter.

Another commented on the photo, comparing it to her first nude IG picture that had caused such a stir on the show, saying, “Throwback to the old IG profile picture.” 

Someone even went as far as unfollowing the Vanderpump star, saying, “Wow so inappropriate literally unfollowed.”

Kent wasn’t about to let such comments slide, as she’s since responded to the critics saying, “I’m so over the mom shaming from some of you women. I’m a parent, work full time, rarely have one moment just for me, and for just a second on the 4th of July I felt hot and wanted a picture.”

Kent continued, “Anything but praise is unwelcome. If you have anything negative to say, go f*ck yourself. Leave me alone.” 

Though there were plenty of negative comments about Kent’s photo, she did also receive positive feedback, with one fan saying, “Not sure what’s hotter, the weather or you.”