Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix exposes “Scandoval” details in podcast episode

Je'Kayla Crawford
Ariana Madix from Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules Season 10 star Ariana Madix revealed some unexpected details regarding the public “Scandoval”.

The “Scandoval” in Vanderpump Rules Season 10 has been captivating reality TV fans for weeks.

Even though the initial headlines of the scandal started in March, new developments are still keeping the drama in the spotlight.

On the same day as Part 1 of the Season 10 reunion, May 24, Ariana recapped the initial moment of finding out, from her perspective.

What did Vandepump Rules’ Ariana say in a podcast?

In a two-hour tell-all appearance on the popular podcast Call Her Daddy, Ariana revealed some details about the cheating scandal that fans didn’t know. 

She shared that while Sandoval was performing, she decided to look into his phone, and did so secretly in a bathroom.

Ariana said, “I went into the bathroom at TomTom’s. I went into one of the stalls. He had not changed the passcode on his phone.” It was on his phone that she discovered intimacy between him and Raquel.

The reality TV star said that after she confronted him about the affair, they both got in an Uber together to go back to their shared home. Which, led to even more arguing. 

She said, “I didn’t lay down to sleep until maybe like 6 am. That was how long we were like going at it, I guess. And he was just mad at me, pretty much the entire time.”

The Vanderpump Rules star unveiled for the first time since the scandal came out was her past relationship experience. Apparently, she caught a previous partner cheating in a similar way to how she found out about Tom.

She said, “I was like shaking. Like, full body. I don’t know if it’s anger, shock, I think shock is a big part of it. Because, I mean I’ve been cheated on in my life before and I’ve caught somebody before like that, way in my past. And, I guess, it’s like that feeling I hadn’t felt in we’re talking 15 years.”

As of now, Tom hasn’t publicly responded to Ariana’s claims. Vanderpump Rules is set to return with Season 11, which is expected to be released in late 2023 or early 2024.

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