Love Island fans call out Abi Moores after she’s seen with ex Mitch Taylor

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Abi and Mitch did not get their happily ever after with each other during Season 10 of Love Island. But now it seems like they’re giving it another go.

Season 10 of Love Island UK is done and over with. But things don’t end when the camera stops rolling for these new couples. Now that everyone is out of the villa, it’s time to see if all of the couples formed during the show hold up in the real world. And for several of them, it hasn’t.

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From Ouzy’s “remorseful actions” causing the end of his relationship with Kady McDermott to Leah accusing Montel of cheating on her, the drama is far from finished.

Another couple who have called it quits are Mitch and Ella B. After ending the season in fifth place, the two decided to end their relationship on seemingly good terms.

They weren’t exactly a fan-favorite couple on the show. Ella was able to successfully turn Mitch’s head away from Abi.

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But, now that their romance is over, it looks like the old flames are reconnecting. And fans are not happy at all.

Are Love Island’s Mitch and Abi from Season 10 back together?

On September 13, a Reddit thread was started to discuss a recent spotting of Abi and Mitch together while hanging out with a friend of theirs.

Judging by the comments, people do not want Abi to be gullible and easily forgive Mitch after leaving her for Ella.

One fan wrote, “How can anyone be on good terms or friendly to someone who treated them in such a repeatedly humiliating way in the house. Not holding grudges is good for the soul (I hear, I personally hold mine) but you can do that but not be friends.”

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Another fan chimed in and wrote, “Abi actually has no shame. None at all. For her to entertain being in the same vicinity as this man is WILD.”

Abi hasn’t publicly responded to the backlash as of yet.

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