Too Hot To Handle’s intimacy expert says fans can expect a “spicy” Season 5

Je'Kayla Crawford
Brenden and Jawahir from Too Hot To Handle

Is Season 5 of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle going to be any good? A crew member of the show just removed our worry.

Season 5 of Too Hot To Handle is about to hit Netflix in just a few weeks and it definitely has a legacy to uphold.

From the premiere season to Season 4, the series has been jam-packed with romance and entertaining moments.

Is Season 5 going to rise to the occasion? Or is it going to be a letdown?

A crew member from the show just revealed exactly what fans can expect from the upcoming season.

What can fans expect from Too Hot To Handle Season 5?

On June 28, Dexerto had the chance to talk with Brenden Durell, the intimacy expert for Too Hot To Handle

Without giving much away about the upcoming season, he did say that when it comes to fans, “They can expect some spicy sauce with a side of popcorn.”

The reality TV crew member went on to recall some of his favorite moments from the past seasons.

“In Season 3 I worked 1:1 with Nathan to convince Lana to let him back in the retreat, and in Season 4 seeing Jawahir be beautifully vulnerable and now Season 5 is for sure one of my favorites. This new cast went all in during my workshops so I give them big props. Each season the cast has a unique flare and this new cast has some sizzle in theirs, ” Brenden said.

Season 5 of Too Hot To Handle is set to premiere on July 14. Viewers will then see for themselves if it truly is a spicy season, and if it stands up against the rest of this summer’s reality TV lineup.

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