Too Hot To Handle Season 5 fans already think Season 5’s cast is “the worst”

Je'Kayla Crawford
The cast of Too Hot To Handle Season 5

Too Hot To Handle Season 5 is only a few episodes in, and fans of the show are not impressed. In fact, it might be the worst season so far.

Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle is back on our screens. Season 5 has a new cast and is already full of unexpected twists and turns.

With four amazing seasons before it, Season 5 has some big shoes to fill. Not to mention the fact that it is a Netflix reality TV show. 

The platform’s other successful reality TV shows, including Love Is Blind and Perfect Match, gave this season high expectations. And unfortunately, it is not meeting them so far.

Are fans enjoying Too Hot To Handle Season 5?

On July 16, a Too Hot To Handle Season 5 viewer started a Reddit post discussing how disappointing this season is. Especially considering the highly entertaining fourth season.

The Reddit user wrote, “Season 4 I felt had a really genuine and interesting group, and these contestants are just like…the worst. The rule breaking and the eye wandering has been f***ing CRAZY this season compared to last. And so far no bad behavior as entertaining as the Creed/Sophie/Flavia/Imogen saga.”

Several viewers have also commented their reactions to this season so far underneath the post.

One fan wrote, “right?? i’m so not into this season. no one is genuine.”

Another viewer wrote, “Contestants are trashhhhh! So sad about it.”

But, we are only four episodes into the season. Episodes 5-7 release on July 21 and Episodes 8-10 release on July 28.

Viewers will soon see if the show continues to disappoint, or if the drama and entertainment will start picking up.

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