Too Hot to Handle Season 5 introduces two new arrivals in grenade drop

Je'Kayla Crawford
Yazmin and Trey from Too Hot To Handle Season 5

Meet the two new arrivals coming to join the rest of Too Hot to Handle Season 5, and learn who in the cast caught their eyes first.

Season 5 of Too Hot to Handle is already off to a great start, largely thanks to the show’s entertaining cast.

But don’t get too comfortable with the cast that we already have. That’s right: it’s time for a grenade drop.

Two new singles are about the enter the season, making the temptation for romance even more challenging. Here are the new arrivals coming to find love.

Who are the Too Hot to Handle Season 5 new arrivals?

On July 13, the Too Hot to Handle Instagram page posted a video revealing the two new arrivals.

Yazmin Marziali

The first introduced was Yazmin Marziali. With over 20k followers on Instagram, this micro-influencer is looking for romance. And isn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers to get it.

“I’m a natural flirt, I can’t help it. I definitely live for drama. I feel like if it’s not full of drama, it’s boring. I think everything is fair game, she said in the intro clip.

Her eyes only seem to be set on one single: Isaac. “Isaac’s my type, honestly. 100%, he looks so cute. Better watch out because I’m coming in hot.”

Trey Rogers

The second newcomer is Trey Rogers. A successful model, he has worked with the biggest brands, including Kohl’s and Neiman Marcus. If he keeps his eye on the prize, there isn’t anything he can’t achieve.

“In my group of friends I do get some slack for being the pretty boy of the group. But, numbers don’t lie. I definitely get the most girls. If I want something I’m definitely gonna go for it,” he said in the intro video.

For him, Christine Obanor has definitely caught his eye. “Christine is gorgeous. Curly haired girls always catch my eye, I love the bounce.”

Viewers will soon see how the new arrivals do and if they end up with their first choices.

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