The Kardashians are getting Backlash over ‘contrived’ beauty standards scene

Simone Torn
The Kardashians promo photo for Hulu

The Kardashians are being called out for their ‘contrived’ beauty standards scene in the latest episode of the Hulu series.

Throughout their career, The Kardashians have faced backlash from fans and critics alike for the unfair beauty standards they supposedly set upon society. The famous family has persistently denied getting plastic surgery, regardless of plastic surgery experts insisting otherwise. 

And while fans unanimously agree that the celebs aren’t obligated to list out the procedures they’ve had done, they do take issue with the Kar-Jenners actively denying that they’ve ever gone under the knife.

So when the trailer for season 3 of The Kardashians was released, audiences were excited to discover that Kylie Jenner and sisters were finally going to address the subject. 

“Kudos to Kylie for finally stepping up to her sisters to talk about the beauty standards they’re setting,” one commenter wrote on the trailer (via YouTube). “Didn’t think they’d ever mention that.”

Fans of The Kardashians were left unhappy with the conversation about beauty standards

Unfortunately, many fans felt let down when the highly-anticipated scene finally aired in last night’s episode of The Kardashians. According to audiences, the scene was simply “underwhelming” and ended up coming across as incredibly fake and contrived.

“It’s all so contrived,” one Reddit user commented on the scene. “Even if they didn’t cop to their multiple surgeries, they had a real opportunity here to be vulnerable about body standards and the pressure of looking ‘perfect’. But as usual, they give a tiny kernel of truth surrounded by even more lies. Very disingenuous.”

Another agreed, saying, “This conversation was so forced and staged. I don’t care how long these girls have been on TV – they are terrible actors.”

Meanwhile, another user suggested that the famous sisters would be a whole lot more “likable” if they actually owned up to the work they allegedly had done. “It would massively improve their likeability and pull them out of their current slump.”

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