Love is Blind fans spot show’s attempt to dispel accusations contestants aren’t fed

Simone Torn
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Dedicated fans of Love is Blind are noticing season 5’s grand attempt to prove that they do, in fact, feed the contestants.

Love is Blind fans are calling out season 5 of the Netflix series for seemingly attempting to dispel accusations regarding the cast members not being fed.

In 2022, a lawsuit against the reality show made waves after a former contestant sued the show for “restricting access to food and water on set.”

Due to the backlash Love is Blind received following the lawsuit, season 5 seemed to go out of its way to prove that they feed their castmates appropriately.

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Fans point out excessive “shots of food” on season 5 of Love is Blind

Season 2 contestant Jeremy Hartwell filed a lawsuit against Love is Blind, claiming that the contestants were underfed. To add fuel to the fire, Hartwell claimed contestants were served copious amounts of alcohol on empty stomachs.

Hartwell was under the impression that this was an intentional move by production, done in an effort to make the cast members act out for the cameras.

The lawsuit stated that they were “plied with an unlimited amount of alcohol without meaningful or regular access to appropriate food and water to moderate their inevitable drunkenness.”

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“There were two days they stopped giving us food and water in Mexico,” former season 2 contestant Danielle Ruhl alleged. “What you’re seeing is many people being tortured to fit a narrative, preconceived.”

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Of course, when fans of the show learned of this information, they were outraged.

In Netflix’s best attempt to dispel the accusations, fans noticed how season 5 provided an overwhelming amount of food shots.

“Who noticed how many shots of food and snacks they had this season versus prior seasons,” one fan wrote on the Love is Blind Reddit Thread. “They even brought out burger dates for Izzy and Stacey. Lol”

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They added, “Producers are really trying to show us how much the cast eats as opposed to what past cast members have claimed against the show.”

Another fan agreed, writing, “I was thinking that too when I saw that big breakfast they had.”

Stay tuned for brand new episodes of Love is Blind on Netflix.