Summer House’s Danielle Olivera chooses side in Lindsay & Carl’s split

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Danielle from Summer House

Months after Lindsay and Carl from Summer House broke up, their co-star Danielle has finally shared her stance on their split.

Summer House made headlines this year, not because of the usual drama and funny moments that usually take place during the seasons themselves.

Instead, all eyes were on one of the show’s main couples, Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke.

After getting engaged back in 2022, the Bravo fanbase was completely shocked when it was announced that the two called off their engagement and broke up.

Not only that but there was a surfaced rumor that alleged that Carl had a mistress during his relationship with Lindsay. While he didn’t exclusively deny this claim, he did address “false narratives” of the split.

Now that the couple have each spoken out following the breakup with their own statements, their cast members are sharing their thoughts on the situation. One who has decided to be vocal with the side she’s on is their co-star Danielle Olivera.

Summer House stars Carl and Lindsay
Summer House stars Carl and Lindsay

Does Summer House’s Danielle support Carl or Lindsay?

On October 19, Danielle spoke with US Weekly and discussed the breakup between Carl and Lindsay.

She said, “People are like, ‘Do you talk to Carl?’ I’m like, ‘No, absolutely not’. There’s a line in the sand. I’m on Team Lindsay.”

The reality TV star went on to give fans an update on how Lindsay has been doing since the very public split.

Danielle said, “I’m not going to say that she’s doing great. No, she’s doing OK. I mean, breakups not great at all. So, I think that she’s going through it.”

Summer House is set to return for Season 8.

To stay updated on Summer House and the upcoming seasons, make sure to check our page here.

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