Selling Sunset is facing criticism for its lack of body diversity

Stephanie Harper

Social media users don’t love the fact that there isn’t any body diversity in Selling Sunset. The criticisms have been circulating for years now.

One detail that’s easy to notice after watching Selling Sunset is that every real estate agent at the Oppenheim Group shares one significant thing in common.

In terms of their physiques, all the real estate agents who’ve been cast on Selling Sunset are incredibly thin.

This is something viewers have noticed and have been questioning for quite some time. Being thin isn’t a problem, but the show is catching backlash for its lack of body diversity.

Does selling Sunset glorify skinny bodies?

Several Reddit threads have popped up across the internet where social media users are banding together to have serious chats about the women on this show.

One thread from a couple of years ago asks the question, “How are they all so thin? I hope this is [okay] to ask, not in any way trying to body shame — I’m just curious how these women are all so unbelievably svelte!”

Another thread from six months ago says, “Their bodies are insane. This is just a statement. Especially Nicole [who] has 0% body fat, I think. But they all look unreal.”

A third thread that was published just a few days ago comes from a concerned user with a similar question. The Redditor asked, “How do they stay so slim? The women are frequently eating out, drinking cocktails, attending parties, and yet have amazing figures. What’s their secret to having fabulous figures?”

The responses flooding in from other Redditors who watch Selling Sunset are far from complimentary or positive.

One Redditor tried to answer by saying, “Pressure from LA society. Surgery, exercise, and dieting. They probably do ‘detoxing’ from all the alcohol they consume.”

Someone else chimed in with, “Cocaine, cigarettes, diet pills, intensive exercise regimes, plastic surgery, Wegovy, not eating outside of filmed scenes…”

The cast of Selling Sunset.

A third person responded with, “I remember there was an episode where Heather ordered water and said most days she could function off of one smoothie. I think it’s extreme dieting, lipo, and maybe some exercise. It’s definitely noticeable though!”

While we can’t say for sure whether or not Selling Sunset’s producers are glorifying skinnier body types, it’s quite obvious that there has never been a plus-sized woman hired to work at the Oppenheim Group thus far.

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