Love Island’s Montel says Catherine is misrepresented on TV: “She’s a lovely girl”

Je'Kayla Crawford
Leah and Montel from Love Island

Leah and Montel from Love Island Season 10 just opened up about how islanders are being perceived by fans.

One of the main couples to come from Season 10 so far is Leah Taylor and Montel Mckenzie.

Even though the two have been dumped from the villa, their relationship is still going strong.

In fact, they are doing press for Season 10 together. In one of their recent appearances, they shared their opinions on how the other islanders are being viewed by the public.

What did Love Island’s Leah & Montel reveal about the islanders?

On July 24, Leah and Montel spoke with Closer in an interview on YouTube.

The couple were asked a series of questions about their experience in the villa. They were also asked who, in their opinion, has been misrepresented on-screen. Both gave different answers.

“I would say Sammy actually. Since coming out [of the villa] I feel like people are a bit unsure or maybe not too happy with his behavior in different stuff. But honestly, at heart, I always refer to dogs, but he’s a Labrador. He’s just got so much energy. Honestly, he’s so nice, and yeah I’m not too sure what perception people have on the outside,” Leah said.

Montel decided to answer with a different islander that definitely has been seen as controversial this season.

“I would probably say Cat, just because she’s a lovely girl. She was like my sister in there. And when she came out [of the villa] people think that she’s I don’t know harsh or rude. I’m not sure what they think about her but she’s such a lovely girl. And everything she’s done inside of the villa has been pretty spot on to the situation,” he said.

Catherine Agbaje has definitely been under fire for her actions in the villa. Especially after the dramatic Movie Night from this season.

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