Love Island water bottles: Where to buy your own

Je'Kayla Crawford
Water bottles from Love Island

As thousands of viewers are benched in front of the TV every night watching Love Island UK Season 10, many can’t help but notice the stylish water bottles all of the islanders are drinking from. Did you know you can get your own? Here’s how you can buy it.

Almost every reality TV show has an iconic signature product that all of the contestants use on-screen.

For Netflix’s Love Is Blind, the singletons were known for using the show’s signature gold wine glasses while getting to know each other.

In Love Island’s case, all of the islanders use white water bottles with their first names written on them. It has been a signature on the show for years.

If you have ever wanted to pretend to be in the villa with your own custom bottle, you’re in luck. Here’s where you can purchase a personalized Love Island water bottle of your own.

Can you buy Love Island water bottles?

The official Love Island shop sells water bottles that are identical to the ones that the islanders use. You can even personalize the bottle to have your first name on it.

The water bottles are currently in-stock and are available for only £20.00 ($25.00). The personalized design is available in pink, blue, and orange. And, this is not the only Love Island product that fans can buy on the site.

The Love Island shop also sells personalized robes and suitcases that are very similar to the ones used in the show. 

Love Island USA has its own separate online merchandise store. It offers the same water bottle, as well as an exclusive hoodie and t-shirt.

Love Island UK returned with Series 10 on June 5 and is currently in full swing. Meanwhile, Love Island USA is set to return with Season 5 in July 2023.

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