Love Island Australia fans slam Zac & Trent’s explosive podcast: “Two big icks”

Je'Kayla Crawford
Zac and Trent from Love Island Australia

Zac and Trent from Love Island Australia Season 5 released a podcast and fans already hate it with a passion.

As soon as most reality TV stars finish their run on a show they head straight to podcasts to share off-screen secrets and spill tea that fans aren’t expecting. 

Or, they start their own podcasts to reveal it on their own like Deepti Vempati and Natalie Lee from Love Is Blind who started Out Of The Pods after not finding love in Season 2.

Another duo who are giving this a try is Zac Nunns and Trent Woolman from Love Island Australia Season 5. Trent was dumped from the villa pretty early on, while Zac and his girlfriend Lucinda Stafford broke up a little while after placing runner-up in the finale (and after Lucinda’s fans asked her to leave him).

The two bachelors released the first episode of their podcast, The Trent & Zac Show, on February 20 and it’s already being dragged through the mud.

Love Island Australia fans hate Trent & Zac’s podcast

On February 19, LI Australia fans took to Reddit to heavily roast their new podcast, and they did not hold back in the slightest.

With people referring to the hosts as “two big icks” and “walking red flags,” listeners are already over this project.

One fan wrote, “Omg who wants this? How do they not realize how hated they were? Also their voices are absolutely awful.”

Another fan chimed in and wrote, “Please don’t post their podcast. Don’t discuss their opinions. Don’t give them visibility. Ignore them totally.”

Trent and Zac haven’t publicly responded to all of the fan criticism as of yet. They also haven’t announced a release date for the second episode, if they’re planning to release one at all.

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