Fans demand Christine return to Selling Sunset after snooze-worthy new villain

Simone Torn
Christine Quinn Selling SunsetYouTube

Selling Sunset audiences feel as though the Netflix series has lost its mojo ever since Christine Quinn left the show.

According to fans, Selling Sunset just isn’t the same without the most stylish pot-stirrer on the show, Christine Quinn. Christine posed as the divisive yet charismatic antagonist in the first five seasons of the hit Netflix series. Yet after taking things too far with the drama that ultimately crossed the line of professionalism, she opted to quit her contract with The Oppenheimer Group.

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Although Christine instigated almost all of the drama on the Netflix series and caused several tears to be shed in the process, her erratic behavior along with her charisma made for some great TV.

Yet following Christine’s exit from The Oppenheimer Group, there’s a new villain in town (Nichole Young) who is out to get Chrishell.

But according to fans of the show, the series is no longer worth watching due to the “snooze-worthy” new villain. As a result, audiences are petitioning for Christine’s return.

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Selling Sunset fans want Christine Quinn to come back to the reality series amid boring Season 7 trailer

The Season 7 trailer for Selling Sunset has just been released to YouTube, which is set to air November 3rd. Despite the fact that the season has yet to be released, fans already have a lot to say about the upcoming installment of the reality series.

According to viewers, this season of the Netflix show looks incredibly “boring” and has been described as a “snooze-fest.”

Yet one of the reasons several fans aren’t looking forward to another season is due to the fact that Christine Quinn will not be returning as the villain.

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Taking to the comments, audiences voiced their opinions about their desire for her return.

“we NEED Christine back!!!!” a fan demanded in the comments.

Another agreed, complaining about the current villain. “Please get rid of Nicole. She’s terrible at being the villain and she has the charisma of a block of wood.”

“The show is nothing without Christine,” said another fan. “BRING CHRISTINE BACK!!”

Stay tuned for the latest season of Selling Sunset only on Netflix.

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