Below Deck Season 11 star called out for poor etiquette: “This is not a Waffle House”

Erica Handel
Fraser from Below DeckBravo

Chief Stew Fraser Olender confronted stewardess Cat Baugh for her poor etiquette during dinner service on Below Deck Season 11.

Below Deck Season 11 has only just started, and the St. David crew are settling into their new roles on the boat with Captain Kerry Titheradge.

Barbi Pascual, Xandi Oliver, and Cat Baugh are all working under Fraser as stews this season, and want to avoid getting on his bad side.

Chief Stew Fraser Olender is hoping to act more like a disciplinarian than a friend to the stews, which is something he was criticized for in Season 10.

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Over time, Fraser will be more familiar with the interior team’s work ethic and figure out if they can last through the charter season or be replaced by a new crew member.

Cat and Fraser from Below DeckBravo
Cat Baugh was called out by Fraser Olender on Below Deck.

Fraser tells Cat stacking plates doesn’t “look good”

In a clip from tonight’s episode of Below Deck posted on X, Fraser noticed that Cat was stacking plates while clearing the table during dinner service.

“Don’t you dare put another plate on top of another plate when you’re clearing it. Are you kidding me? This is not a Waffle House, this is a superyacht,” the Chief Stew said in his confessional.

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Fraser explained Cat’s mistake to her in the galley once they were away from the guests.

“Darling, let’s clear a maximum of two plates at a time. I don’t think it looks good and I don’t want anyone spilling anything,” he reminded the stew.

Even though Fraser wants his fellow stews to like him, he has to make sure they respect him and listen to his feedback while doing their jobs.

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Cat already broke down during Episode 1 when Barbie was giving her tasks at the same time as Fraser and she didn’t know who to listen to.

Whether the Below Deck cast member makes it to the end of the charter season is unknown, but Fraser will continue to keep his eye on her for now.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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