Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans turn on Daisy for “phoning it in” during season 4

Meera Jacka
Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans turn on Daisy for phoning it in during season 4

Daisy Kelliher has appeared on Below Deck Sailing Yacht for three consecutive seasons, making her a staple on the show. But the fan-favorite may be starting to lose favor.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s fourth season is in full swing, following the lives of crew members working the charter season in Italy. As a “yachting legacy”, Daisy Kelliher has once more returned to her role as Chief Stew.

This season has seen Daisy in the midst of drama with a very turbulent love triangle featuring First Mate Gary King and Engineer Colin Macrae.

And it seems the pressure may be getting to the Chief Stew, with fans starting to turn on Daisy for “lacking in her duties”.

Daisy Kelliher
Daisy Kelliher has been Chief Stew for three seasons on Below Deck

Posting to Reddit to share their frustration, Daisy’s work ethic and consistent love quarrels have been a hot topic for many fans of the show.

“I find myself this season frustrated with Daisy – her ego seems inflated, she doesn’t seem cognisant of other teams’ work, and I feel everything is being done for social media likes and support,” one user shared in a Reddit post titled “I used to like Daisy so much”.

And they’re certainly not alone in their frustration, with many viewers responding in agreeance. One comment stated, “She’s a bit [of] a mess.”

Redditor says Daisy is phoning it in during season 4
One Redditor claimed Daisy was “phoning it in” this season

Many seemed concerned that Daisy was on “the same trajectory as Hannah and Kate”.
Hannah Ferrier and Kate Chastain both appeared in the Below Deck franchise as fan-favorites for multiple seasons but by the time they left the show, many fans had turned against them.

One Reddit user had a theory to explain the phenomenon occurring to long-lasting crewmembers, “It seems kind of inevitable for most people who have multi-season runs to cave to the celebrity element at some point, unfortunately.”

Daisy has previously said she would consider returning for a fifth season of Sailing Yacht, leaving it to be determined how fans will feel about the Chief Stew moving forward.

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