Below Deck Med’s Aesha broke a trend among Chief Stews and fans are thrilled

Erica Handel
Aesha Scott Below Deck Med

Aesha Scott was praised for breaking a trend on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 by acting differently than other Chief Stews on the franchise.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 welcomed Aesha Scott back as a Chief Stew, and she’s in charge of second stew Elena Dubaich and third stew Bri Muller, who has very little experience.

In Episode 2, Aesha spoke with Bri and apologized for the fact that she had such a rough day because it took a while for her to do the charter guests’ laundry.

The Chief Stew gave her a pass since it was the first day working on a new boat and told her that she would get better every day.

At the tip meeting, Captain Sandy Yawn gave Aesha a shoutout for leading with kindness on the interior team.

Below Deck Med fans also noticed her kind approach when the clip was posted on Instagram, and compared her to other Chief Stews on the show.

“Aesha does what is called ‘gentle parenting.’ I just hope that the third stew gets better, I remember Magda taking advantage of Aesha being patient and kind,” one fan wrote.

Another follower threw shade at former Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier and said she had to learn how to be kinder like Aesha.

A third viewer on X said that Aesha’s management style is different from other Chief Stews, such as Fraser Olender from Below Deck Season 11. They said Aesha is sympathetic and encouraging, while Fraser whines and gossips.

Although both of the other stews on Below Deck Med have made mistakes, such as Elena waking up the chef and Bri misplacing the laundry, Aesha is determined to help them grow throughout the season.

Viewers are hoping that the stews can learn from her and consider her advice during the next charter on Below Deck. They are grateful that she has broken the pattern by proving that Chief Stews can be kind.