xQc roasted by random Rainbow 6 player for being “cringe”

Brent Koepp

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel tried to engage with his Rainbow 6 Siege teammate during his March 10 broadcast, however the player wasn’t having it. The random gamer hit out at the streamer, calling him “cringe.”

xQc continues to be one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, as viewers have come to love the Canadian’s over-the-top explosive rants, and bombastic personality.

However during his latest broadcast, the Overwatch pro got pushback from a random teammate who didn’t want to be “content” for his channel. The player lashed out at the personality and roasted him.

xQc gets roasted by random teammate 

The streamer was in the middle of playing Rainbow 6 Siege when he tried to strike up a conversation with his teammate. He asked the player if he’s currently attending school or whether he had a job.

At first he seemed open to talking to the Twitch personality replying, “Nah, it’s my day off, spring break next week.” However when the Canadian pressed further, he was not having it. The teammate then snapped “Bro, I’m not going to be content for your stream. Get the f**k out of here!”

Taken aback, xQc exclaimed, “Okay, well you were boring anyway. So, whatever, man. Your voice was so f**king boring, I almost lethally put people to sleep in my chat. People are literally dying right now, dude.” The player didn’t seem impressed with the insult and hit back with “Cringe, bro.”

The streamer looked at his chat and smiled after being roasted, as the situation quickly got awkward. He then mocked the player by mimicking his voice saying aloud “Heh, cringe bro!”

As the match went on, the random gamer asked his team “Rotation hole, anyone?” Without skipping a beat, the Overwatch pro crudely joked to his viewers, “The only rotation is in his mom’s p***y.”

The two didn’t speak again about the dust up, and continued to play side-by-side as if nothing happened. Showing off his skills, the streaming personality won a couple of rounds for his team – even if not all of them were fans.

Streamers are some of the most famous people in the world right now, as millions of viewers flock every day to sites like Twitch to watch their favorite personalities broadcast live.

However despite xQc being one of the top channels on the platform, this exchange shows that not everyone wants to be involved in someone else stream – regardless of how big they are.