YouTube community outraged as Brooke Houts returns after dog abuse video

Brooke Houts, YouTube

YouTuber Brooke Houts sparked outrage across the net in 2019 after accidentally uploading footage of herself hitting and spitting on her pet dog — and now, the content creator has returned to social media, but netizens aren’t happy with this update.

Houts was met with widespread backlash in August 2019, after mistakenly uploading footage for a vlog that showed the YouTuber striking her pet Doberman Pinscher, Sphinx, and even spitting on the animal.

The accidental upload quickly caught viewers’ attention, who spread clips from the now-deleted video like wildfire across the net — even prompting involvement from the Los Angeles Police Department.

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The LAPD’s Animal Cruelty Task Force investigated the content creator, ultimately ruling that Houts would be able to keep her pet, with TMZ reporting that law enforcement concluded their evidence didn’t “support criminal charges.”

With social media stars like H3H3’s Ethan Klein and Logan Paul putting Houts on blast for purported animal abuse, it makes sense that the YouTuber took a step back from social media — but she announced her return to content creation on March 6 with a video explaining her absence.

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According to Houts, she wanted to find the right time to return to making videos, and has been focusing on her physical and mental health as well as joining a church group.

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“There was a lot of change that I had to go through before coming back to YouTube,” she admitted. “And I can confidently say that I’ve honestly never been in a better place physically, mentally.”

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Despite her uplifting words, commenters are outraged at her return to the platform, and hit out at the YouTuber for mistreating her animal.

“Literally nobody asked where you’ve been,” one user wrote. “You’re disgusting.”

“Lets be real, she’s only back because she isn’t getting the income she used to,” another commented. “Sis, I’m sorry, but you’re genuinely cancelled. You need to find another job.”

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“Brooke: Where I’ve been,” yet another chimed in. “Everybody here: I was hoping in jail!”

Brooke Houts, YouTube
Commenters across YouTube are hitting back at Brooke Hout’s return to the platform.

In spite of her attempts at making a comeback, it seems like Hout’s scandal continues to follow her — and there’s no telling if critics will ever forget the disturbing video footage that led to her downfall.