CoD Pro Simp responds after even PewDiePie roasts his name

YouTube : PewDiePie / Call of Duty League

Professional Call of Duty player Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr has finally responded to people mocking his name after even YouTube king PewDiePie roasted him for it.

When Simp started to make a name for himself in the Call of Duty scene back in 2015 and 2016, the term hadn’t taken on the meaning it has in the last year or so. Traditionally, it might mean someone is silly or foolish, but Urban Dictionary provides some interesting definitions based on current slang.

In a video published on March 9, PewDiePie addresses ‘simps’, telling people not to call him one, and found himself reacting to a video of the CoD pro – and immediately called him out for it.

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Austin Anderson
Simp’s (second from left) team are widely regarded as the best in the Call of Duty League.

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Watching a video of Puckett calling in the Atlanta FaZe star to the main stage, Pewds couldn’t contain his laughter.

“This f**king guy has named himself Simp, that’s how you know it’s gone too far,” the Swede said. “People just willingly call themselves Simp now,” he added, laughing at the idea of it throughout.

Obviously, given the connotations of the word, which PewDiePie himself eloquently explained, there has been a lot of talk for a while about the idea of Simp changing his name, but it seems Pewds’ video brought up the conversation once again.

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Now, Simp has finally spoken out about the issue, addressing whether or not he will be changing his name like many have called for him to do.

In a now-deleted tweet, Simp explained that he has considered changing his name due to what it now represents, but took to Reddit to elaborate further.

He said that it’s “too late” to change his name now, but does say that random people on social media spamming “simp” is “annoying.”

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So, that seems to answer it once and for all. It looks as though Simp has considered changing but, at the end of the day, he became a world champion under that moniker, and maybe one day his name will become bigger than its current meaning.

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For now, though, he might have to put up with the annoying comments and memes made towards him.