Ubisoft want to “break” Rainbow Six’s 3-speed system with upcoming operators

Nokk walking in Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft

Every operator in Rainbow Six Siege conforms to the three-speed system ⁠— the faster they are, the less health they have. However, Ubisoft are looking at ways to “break” this system, making way for four-speed operators or different combinations.

Rainbow Six operators might have different gadgets and come from various parts of the world, but they all share two things. One is being a part of Team Rainbow, and the other is a spot on the game’s three-speed sliding scale for movement and health.

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However, just because it’s been like that up until now doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way forever. In fact, Ubisoft are actively exploring ways to break the system and give operators more power through health and movement.

“This is something we’ve experimented with, but are still looking at how we can ‘break’ this system with it still being fun and balanced,” developers said during an April 29 AMA on Reddit.

Azami in Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft
New Operators might not follow the traditional three-speed system that has existed since launch, Ubisoft said.

While this could include something like a three-speed two-armor operator, there’s potential for going beyond three in each value.

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Ubisoft teased they’ve “also been toying with a 4-speed Operator, but the world’s not ready yet (and maybe we’ll never be ready for it).”

However, as the gadgets in Siege get even crazier, this style of balancing could be a new way to eke out new ideas by having a strong base operator with a relatively weak ability.

Oryx (right) could be one operator to benefit from breaking the three-speed system.

Ubisoft could even look at retroactively breaking the system with previously-released operators like Oryx, which was floated by the community.

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Regardless, it goes to show that with Siege slowing down its operator development somewhat, Ubisoft are putting all ideas to the test ⁠— and nothing is off-limits.

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