Rainbow Six Y5S2.3 patch delayed due to “unforeseen circumstances”

Andrew Amos

The third update of Operation Steel Wave in Rainbow Six: Siege has been delayed due to “unforeseen circumstances.” The patch, which was set to drop on July 28, included changes for Gridlock, Oryx, and Fuze.

After a host of changes to operators Gridlock, Oryx, and Fuze were well received on Rainbow Six’s test servers, players will have to wait just a little bit longer to see them in the live version of the game.

The planned July 28 patch has been delayed until a later date. Ubisoft has yet to confirm when the patch will be coming ⁠— so it could be a matter of hours, days, or potentially weeks.

Ubisoft claimed that they were forced to cancel the Y5S2.3 update due to “unforeseen circumstances.” They only informed players minutes before downtime was expected to begin.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to delay today’s release of Y5S2.3. We will share updated maintenance times at a later date,” Ubisoft told players on Twitter.

The Y5S2.3 changes would have been good news for Gridlock, Oryx, and Fuze mains. Those three under-utilized operators were in line for buffs in the Operation Steel Wave update.

Gridlock’s Trax Stingers had their deployment time slashed by almost half, helping the Australian attacker take control of flanks quickly and reliably. Fellow attacker Fuze also gained an extra charge of his gadget.

Oryx’s changes were designed to help him in the pre-round setup stage, as well as during mid-round rotations. He will no longer consume all charges of Remah Dash when he goes through a soft wall, and he will recover after charging faster.

Nomad deploying Airjab in Rainbow Six Siege
Nomad’s Airjabs will now interact with walls like Oryx’s Remah Dash.

There was also a quality of life fix for Nomad. Her Airjabs will now do damage to players if it propels them through a wall. It’s the same as Oryx’s charge damage ⁠— only five health ⁠— but it is better than nothing.

You can find the full Y5S2.3 patch notes below. We will keep you updated for when Ubisoft drops the Rainbow Six update.

Rainbow Six: Siege Y5S2.3 patch notes



  • Lowered Gridlock’s Caltrop deployment time to 9s (down from 13s).
  • Lowered the individual Caltrops deployment time to 0.45s (down from 0.7s).
  • Lowered the range of random deploy variation to 0.05s (down from 0.1s).
  • Added a delay of 0.45s before the deployment sequence starts (previously no delay).


  • Using his dash through a soft wall will not deplete all the dash charges.
    Increased Dash refresh time to 12s (up from 8s).
  • Dash recovery time for all dashes is now 0.5s. (Previous recovery times: soft wall = 1s, enemy = 0.7s).


  • Increased the number of cluster charges to 4 (up from 3)


Pushback Mechanics

To maintain consistency with softwall interactions, we’re giving enemies that are pushed through walls the same feedback as when Oryx dashes through them.

When pushed through a wall by Nomad’s airjabs or Oryx’s dash, players will receive the same feedback and take the same damage (5 hp) as when Oryx dashes through a soft wall.

Bug fixes

  • FIXED – Missing anchoring decals from Ace’s SELMA.
  • FIXED – Ace’s SELMA can get stuck when thrown in a certain way at some beams, becoming unrecoverable.
  • FIXED – While grappling through a window or hatch, Amaru can aim faster with her LMG if she times her sprint and ADS buttons just prior to landing.
  • FIXED – IQ’s gadget will not display the outline and distance of Melusi’s Banshees.
  • FIXED – Zofia’s concussion grenades are impacted by external explosions and can bounce away from the target location.
  • FIXED – Flattening the doorframes and windows on all maps.
  • FIXED – Floating and indestructible wooden squares after destroying some walls on Yacht.
  • FIXED – Gunshot sounds are muffled when shooting from inside 1F Technical Seating of Plane.
  • FIXED – Various menu/UI fixes.
  • FIXED – Various cosmetics fixes.
  • FIXED – Various Lighting issues on maps.
  • FIXED – Various shop visual and cosmetic fixes.
  • FIXED – (PvE) Interaction between Ace’s gadget and AI.
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