Rainbow Six Alibi rework would make her holograms incredibly useful

Andrew Amos
Alibi and her hologram in Rainbow Six Siege

Alibi is one of Siege’s most underutilized operators. Despite being a three-speed defender, her gadget leaves much to be desired. However, this slight rework could bring her back to prominence.

Alibi is the more neglected half of Siege’s Italian G.I.S. operators. Her partner in crime, Maestro, is one of the most hotly contested picks in the game, with the super-powerful Alda alongside the potent Evil Eye cameras.

Alibi, on the other hand, is stuck with the Mx4 Storm SMG ⁠— which. while not terrible, isn’t as good as Lesion’s T-5 SMG ⁠— and her holograms which ping out enemies when they shoot or pass through them.

Alibi and Maestro in Siege
Maestro is one of the most popular defenders in Rainbow Six: Siege. Alibi is on the other end of the scale.

Her holograms often get criticized for being woefully underpowered compared to other defender utility. For one, they are really easy to spot out for experienced players. On top of that, they are extremely fragile, with a stray bullet taking them out.

However, the biggest drawback of Alibi’s holograms is their flexibility, or lack thereof. They only spawn a clone of Alibi’s player model standing up. It’s also only the base skin of Alibi, so if you are running the Police uniform for example, it’ll be incredibly obvious which is the hologram.

In order to increase Alibi’s competitive viability though, some players have pushed towards a rework of her hologram addressing these complaints. “I’d like to propose an idea for Alibi, allow her hologram to take different poses, crouching, prone, etc,” said Reddit user ‘Alissan_Web’

The trick then lies in how you determine its position. Alissan’s idea was to force Alibi to crouch or prone to deploy them in the different states. However, this could easily be changed ⁠— after all, there are seemingly more complex gadgets in Siege.

Some players have noted that deploying the drone in a prone position could potentially make them indestructible without shooting the hologram and revealing yourself, however. “A prone hologram would cover the strip you shoot to destroy it, making it impossible to destroy without pinging yourself,” one user said.

However, the changes could make her a more viable operator. In pro play, you only ever see Alibi situationally — most commonly on Villa, but also on some other maps. Despite the fact that she is picked unlike other operators, she still boasts once of the lowest play rates.

Ubisoft has highlighted this in previous Designer Notes too. The most recent Win Delta chart from Y5S1 noted Alibi has a presence of less than 10%, putting her in the bottom half of defenders.

As far as three-speed defenders go, she’s one of the lowest picked⁠— second to Caveira. Could this be the change Alibi needs to be picked more? Potentially, but it’d be interesting to see the rework in practice regardless.